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How long does the furniture stay in for?

Our pricing is for 6 weeks - However if you sell earlier we collect the furniture with no rebates. If you require the furniture after the 6 weeks, a small fee of 10% of the initial price applies.

How is the artwork hung?

If your property has plaster walls we will use a small nail which is removed once we remove the furniture at the end of the campaign. You can wipe 'no more gaps' if you are bothered by the nail marks which are very small. If you have solid walls we will use a masonary nail which we do not take out at the end of the campaign. Remember you are selling, and without the artwork it won't have the same impact.

How long does the install take?

We say to allow up to 2 hours. However it usually takes less, dependant on the property.

When do I make payment?

We require upfront payment -We accept; Cash / Credit Card / Cheque

Do I need to get insurance on the furniture?

No, our pricing includes insurance. We will cover our goods whilst it is in your possession.

Can I have an input in the furniture that is going to be installed?

You need to trust that this is what we do everyday, multiple times a day. We know what the market needs and how to aim the property at the masses to open the property to a range of buyers.